Book Cover and Map

I’m very excAlmatian Mapited to show off the book cover and map designed by Arthur Numanov.  I wanted someone to turn my chicken-scratch map into something beautiful.  I searched a few different places and decided to post my request to a site that connects people with freelance artists.  Several people applied for the map design.  What drew me to Arthur was a beautiful map he had drawn of the area near where he lives. His map was exactly what I wanted. A few days later, I had an amazing map and was beginning to make a new friend—on the other side of the globe (isn’t the internet amazing!).


 Cover by Arthur Numanov

I liked his work on the map so much (and several other drawings in his portfolio), that I asked him to consider doing a book cover.  I sent a huge wish list. He again came through with a fantastic illustration and design.  Artistry and design are a side-job for him as he pursues his life goals.  I wish him the best and hope that we’ll work together again on many other projects.


Please note that all the great aspects of the map and book cover are a credit to Arthur’s efforts. Deviations from the descriptions in the book are mine.


What do you think?