1, 2, 3 Jump? More like 10, 20, 30*

Ten years in banking. I followed in my grandmother’s footsteps and took a job at a bank when I was in college. It was a great job. Started as a teller and moved to work new accounts and loans (“the platform” as my grandma called it). Then on to another financial institution where I became a loan officer.  I went through mergers and downsizing and all the changes of banking at the time. I wrote a few stories, but I was still in school, so most of my writing was for papers or at work for policies and procedures or marketing materials.

Twenty years in higher education.  I followed in my mom’s footsteps.  I worked at a university managing contracts and grants and everything else needed to make a research department run.  I returned to my old stories and tinkered with them as I finished a master’s degree, got married and started a family.

Thirty years in writing. Not yet there, really just starting, but with the publication of my first novel, I hope to spend the next thirty years writing. I hope you’ll be along for the journey.

*Numbers have been rounded to protect the innocent.

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