About Scott

ScottWojoScott Wojo was born and raised in California except for a short time he lived in the midwest. He has an undergraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature from the University of California, Irvine and later returned for his MBA. He has worked in banking, education and research and written marketing pieces and training and educational materials in all three fields. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his beautiful wife and four imaginative and energetic children.

Scott’s love of reading came from his great aunts and grandma. They bought all sorts of novels. Once they’d read a book, they’d throw it in a paper grocery bag. Once filled, the bags got passed from one aunt to the next and eventually made it to his own home. Scott spent many summer days and nights reading (fewer electronics then!). Of course, getting the hand-me-down books meant Scott had few fantasy and sci-fi books to read (Scott’s favorites) and way too many romances.

Scott discovered his love of writing when he was in elementary school and middle school. He wrote his first stories for the girl next door. The main character was a worm. He and his bug-friends went on educational adventures while trying to escape snail bullies. The girl didn’t find the stories nearly as entertaining as Scott had hoped. Think it was the bugs? Scott hopes you enjoy his current fiction more than his next-door neighbor enjoyed the stories he wrote for her!