Darkness Falls

 Cover by Arthur Numanov

Draken hunts the heirs just as he hunted the Ancients. They must die. Every single one of them…


Keir spent his childhood escaping his lessons to explore the forests of Wizards’ Vale. He was terrible at wizardry anyway. But Draken’s attack destroys Keir’s simple life. Now he’s running, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of Draken’s ruthless assassins. But running isn’t enough. He must unravel the secrets of his past—secrets that hold the key to saving everything he knows and everyone he loves. But the secrets lead to a startling conclusion: he is on a collision course with his most terrifying nightmare—Draken.


Meanwhile, the Almatian Alliance struggles to survive against Draken’s ever-increasing power. Their last and final hope is to fulfill a prophecy given by a secret society of wizards called the Ancients. But no one understands the prophecy. And no one has seen an Ancient for a hundred years. And it’s not just Draken who threatens to topple the fragile Almatian Alliance.

Can Keir and his companions rescue the heir before it’s too late? Can they install the High King on the Almatian Throne? Can they figure out the prophecy’s meaning? Can they unlock the power of the HeartStone—the most powerful magical device the world has ever know?


Read Darkness Falls, the first book in the HeartStone Prophecy series, to discover how the struggle begins.


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