Inspiration: A special thank you to the Dutch!

OliebollenI’ve lived in and near one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States for most of my life.  One of the great parts of living here is the food.  I love Little India and the authentic Korean and Japanese and Chinese food—though language barriers sometimes make it hard to know what what I’m eating—and guarantee that I’ll never be able to order the same thing again.

The recent holidays gave me a taste of one of my favorite Dutch dishes—oliebollen!

Oliebollen are tasty little creations of flour, eggs and yeast.  They are often stuffed with little bits of fruit and then deep fried and finally rolled in sugar (powdered or granulated).  This year my Dutch friends added a chocolate fountain! Yum!

One interesting point, the earliest recipe for appears in the Dutch cookbook, De verstandige kock (“The smart/responsible cook”). Guess what?  That book was published in 1667 so Dutch families have been enjoying these treats for 350 years!

Now comes the insipiration…as an author, I want to appeal to all the senses. In the book, Darkness Falls, Keir and Aziza ate oliballs.  These delicious treats were inspired by oliebollen.